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Spoon sweets and Jams

g.koutaliou 0008 reziOur company, “Idigefston” (which in Greek means “sweet flavour”), is owned by Andreas Sliaras and located in Grevena. We started our workshop in 2006, using traditional recipies from the villages of Northern Pindus, which were passed on to us by our mothers and grandmothers. With love, inspiration and patience, we improved those traditional recipies and tried them with new fruits, vegetables and even flower petals. Cooking for our family became our living. We started out producing small quantities that met local demand, but each year our production grew and now consumers can find our products in many distribution points and selected shops in Greece. This is proof of how we have kept the quality of our products and our goal is to continue to offer the pure and high-quality products that our costumers love and trust.

Our workshop and the way we make our products meet food safety standards and we make sure that our products are high-quality by using fresh ingredients. We do not use preservatives, artificial colour or additives for any of our sweet preserves or jams. Our loyal clientele and their steady preference for our products is proof of those traditional practices. We only use water, sugar and fruits of the earth.

A small spoonful of any of our products is enough to tastefully overwhelm your pallet.

We offer a great variety of sweet preserves made of wild fruits, rose petals from our own garden, or even mushrooms selected from the Pindus mountains. Our original blackberry, cranberry, and cherry plum jams (the latter exclusively made in Northern Greece) will delight you! We collect the local fruits that thrive in our mountains ourselves and the rest we get from farmers’ cooperatives.

All of our products are made and packaged in the “Idigefston” workshop under the caring supervision of Andreas Sliaras and his mother Eleni Sliara, who guarantee exceptionally delightful flavours!